How to choose the right/ good plant for apartment

How to choose the right good plant for apartment
If you think you cannot plant anything in the apartment, you have to change your mind. You still could see the colorful flowers or seeing something green in it. However, you need to learn the types of plants that suit to apartment. Since space and sunlight are limited, it is better to choose the plants carefully. Here are some things to consider before you choose:
Healthy value
If you desire to stay healthy, you can grow chamomile and Echinacea. They boost your immune, especially if you put it in tea. Another good plant for apartments related to giving the health benefits to you is peace lilies. It could remove the toxins from the air. It is possible to get indoor air pollution and to grow it helps you to inhale the fresh air. 
Love to contribute to conservation
Once you plant something, the butterflies and bees come over. Undirectly, you help them to keep existing in this world. You may plant some colorful flowers like rose and lily to attract them. Jasmine is another choice to make the apartment smells good. 
Urban food movement
Urban farming movement makes people grow their own. If your goal, is it, you may find a plant that suitable for your daily foods. The simple food plant to grow is tomato, chili, paprika, strawberry, and cabbage. You do not have a large space to grow them. 
Most of the herbs can be planted indoors. Although the under space is limited, you still can hang them on the wall. In dark areas, find the low light plants. For example, it is moth orchids and Boston Ferns. Since they are pretty, find the great spot to appear them. There are not only small plants to grow; you also could grow a tree. A tree in apartment looks great without large space. European olives and fishtail palms are an example. Make them in bonsai style. 
Finding the right plants for the apartment is not difficult. You have to find the reason to grow and check the characteristic of the plants. Put the low light plants in the darker area, including the bathroom. Every side in the apartment can be the plants’ habitat. You also can modify furniture as a place to put the plants. Therefore, your apartment will keep tidy and neat. Do not forget to treat them every day, except if you plant a cactus. It does not need much attention from you.