How to make your apartment better

make your apartment better
How do we choose a theme to create more than one apartment unit? What are the three themes that can unite? Or just one, a single theme. Of course, for small apartment units, one theme will be more focused than many themes. The technical process will be easier.
Kartini interior designer Sjarif warns, determination of basic design themes can be the whole process of making more than one apartment unit. The theme design affects the layout of space, application materials, and color selection. The theme is also later revealed in lighting patterns throughout the space. Includes shapes and colors of furniture, accessories, and other trinkets.
Here are tips on design setups that can help you:
Who will stay in the unit? Not only quantity, but also age. Detailed information on this will affect the design solutions per room and grouping of activities.
Select a design theme. The more themes, costs and energy you spend to make it happen. Many themes usually make the room lose focus.
Impose priorities. What area of focus is most important to you? Bedroom, kitchen or living room? Decide based on your needs. Priorities are important, especially if you have limited funds.
Is the turn of the floor. That’s if your apartment floor starts to break down. If still good, save it. Even if you change the floor, you need to ask the manager for the floor demolition procedure. Particularly the bathroom floor ought to be covered with water-proof material.
Optimize the angle. The remaining space at a certain angle can be used as a storage container of goods. For example, a niche wall as storage. Additionally, underneath the bed, under the sofa, or the dining room of the foot table. The cabinets constantly get to the ceiling functioning as the shelf saves infrequently used items.
Make a color accent. Especially if the wall of the room feels monotonous. Apply to the most specific fields. The atmosphere of the room will live.
Don’t forget the mirror. Mirrors can create an impressive narrow space loose. You can finish the mirror with Trim, frame, or wooden panels so neat and beautiful.
Avoid much isolation. Bulkhead will make the room jam and inhibit the flow of air and light. If you are forced to use a partition, you can choose glass or translucent shelves.
Avoid excessive Sky games. Flat ceilings are easier to build from the drop ceiling or ceiling upward. In addition, the building ceiling  “up and down ” requires an additional charge. You better allocate costs to the needs of others. Reduce Lis potentially storing dust.
If the wall more characters. Apply Wallcover, panel, glass, even natural stone. Wall panels can replace a Headboard that can be used as a bed.