Tips Select Attic structure: Choose wood, steel, or concrete

How to Select Attic structure: Choose wood, steel, or concrete
Wood, one of the alternatives for use as a structural material attic
The attic seems to be synonymous with hiding rats or spiders. Inevitably because the area at the bottom of the roof is left empty and dark. This is understandable, because the function only bearings air to the road and out of the wind. If ever used, at most, to a thrift store.
Then, with an increasingly limited land, the attic is no longer left blank and  “Lonely “. He can be used as a playroom, study room, even a bedroom. Includes a mini work area or office.
New functionality makes the design loft refurbished. Well, it is necessary to structure a strong attic. Various materials can be made to create the attic structure. Like wood can be an option for attic structure. Addition to easy to work with and connect the principle of wood cutting is also relatively easy to buy in the market.
Wood beam size 8cmx12cm, 8cmx15cm, with distance between Beams 60cmx60cm, 100cmx100cm, 120cmx120cm and. So the closer the distance, the stronger, and sturdy.
In terms of strength, wood can usually withstand a burden of up to 100 kg/cm2. If the burden of people and furniture is still under the power of wooden bears, then you can still use it as a structural working space of Attic Wood.
But Wood has its drawbacks too. As you know, wood is easily eaten by termites. Also expansion of depreciation is vulnerable due to weather changes. It is necessary to treat (treatment) with special Polish or antitermite liquid residues.
Another option is the steel-shaped cross-section profile of the letters H, I, U, and C. Of course the steel will not be eaten by termites. Another advantage, high appeal. The ability to form a beam range reaches 6 feet, a pillar of smoking space and making connections.
No steel that has no shortage. The price is still relatively expensive. Besides the installation requires a special Steelexpert, not a regular blacksmith. And last but not-so-important, corrosive material if not get the paint protection. Other cases if protected by zinc and aluminium.
Same with timber mounting frame principle, steel uses specific size of module mounting system and beam joists. Beam function provides load on the attic of the block base floor. While the cross beam floor loads evenly Split.
Another alternative is the concrete floor structure. There are two options. Conventional concrete is made with on-site casting. While precast concrete is a composite that has been processed in the factory. Build your pretty Snap in place